The semantic basket manager

Korbo is a Semantic Web basket manager. It allows users to search, import and augment Linked Data resources. Personal augmented collections created with Korbo, are then republished in the Linked Data cloud. Korbo is part of the Muruca suite.


Korbo aims at providing a coherent environment for users to aggregate semantically structured description of digital objects (in the form of RDF data), coming from different metadata providers, into personal baskets and to enable augmentation of such collected data relying on external, specific tools.

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The KORBO platform was born with a complete set of API in order to stimulate the reuse of collected and augmented data by developers in building new application based on generic data model or specific ones.

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You can find a KORBO live demo version at Upon registration, you can play with the very draft GUI, creating and managing baskets and populating them with items. Then you can annotate items with the built in Pundit application or, if you are a developer, play with the basket REST API.

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