KORBO platform live Demo

The Korbo prototype is an experimental tool. Help us improving it by testing it and by providing feedback to morbidoni@netseven.it or piccioli@netseven.it.

We recommend you to have a look at the demonstrative videos before trying the KORBO prototype. You can fin a KORBO live demo version at http://korbo.netseven.it. Upon registration, you can play with the very draft GUI, creating and managing baskets and populating them with items. Then you can annotate items with the built in Pundit application.

The following video shown the main functionalities of Korbo and how to create and populate a personal basket.

The second video demonstrate how items collected in a basket can be augmented by using the Pundit annotation tool. For more info about Pundit please visit thepund.it

Live demo description

Important Disclaimer

The live demo version installed on address http://korbo.netseven.it is an experimental version based on the head version of the software and will change frequently (see Software for more details).
Due to this, please consider that the data you add and edit within this Korbo instance will not be persistent.

Feature of the live Demo

At the moment the following features have been implemented:

  • User management
  • Basket management (create, edit, delete)
  • Search on LOD (Muruca DL, Europeana)
  • Import single item from search results (Muruca DL, Europeana)
  • Import multiple items from search results (Muruca DL, Europeana)
  • Import multiple items (Muruca DL, Europeana, any LOD items, OJS items)
  • Item: View original source (LOD)
  • Item: Annotate item within the KORBO platform using the Pundit annotation tool
  • Item: view imported item (LOD)
  • Item: browse item using Lodlive
  • Item: delete single item
  • API: test KORBO API on basket from interface (see API for more details)
  • API: access and use KORBO API